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This little idea spawned from a long standing tradition in my family that whenever we all sat down together for a meal things were supposed to look good. We used cloth napkins and matching placemats or tablecloth, sometimes napkin rings, and flowers or at least some kind of simple decor, perhaps a small statuette borrowed from the fireplace mantle. Candles were lit for evening meals. It was not necessarily a formal affair but it made our family time together special. 

Most importantly, all commercial bottles were banned from the dining room. Ketchup, hot sauce, salad dressing, and the like, had to be served in small, coordinating bowls or, if we could get away with it, hidden behind curtains, placed in an empty vase on the buffet or slyly tucked under the table. To some family members, this could be a nuisance. Occasionally, a spat would arise. In the end, however, I think we all enjoyed the ambiance we created.

Even after I left home, I strove for elegant, ad-free dining, as best I could with whatever I had on hand. And still, today, whenever I am serving a meal at the table, having friends over for dinner, or even just sitting down to blueberry pancakes for breakfast with my husband, I like to give our efforts at least some show of respect. And a respectfully set table does not include garish condiment bottles. Even the prettier bottles are really an advertisement meant to catch your eye in a grocery store. 

A few years ago, the thought struck me (I am embarrassed that it took so many years to be struck by this thought) that we can simply cover those bottles. I am a seamstress by hobby and a fabric artist by profession so it was easy to immerse myself in a fun, creative process that resulted in 'the Condiment cloak'. There was a lot of trial and error and some very silly looking 'cloaks'. At last, however, I worked out sizes, fabrics, and a unique design, both pleasing and functional. As well, I am working with a wonderful manufacturer in northern California, not too far from where I live, so these are all USA made!

We have been using these in my family for a while now and, in fact, are wondering how we ever managed without them. No more battles over the bottles, no more wasting time hunting for matching little bowls, spooning out condiments, then dumping the excess and washing the bowls afterward. Cloaked condiments can even stand in as a centerpiece if, at the last minute, you find you are lacking in flowers or other decor.

A beautiful, respectfully set table is an important element of a meal. And it is fun. It is my hope that these little condiment cloaks will help make that easier for others.

Kimberlee Ellen Brown

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